How To Take Photos of Your Eyes

Take Your Iris Pictures with your Digital Camera or Phone

  1. Set Your Camera Setting to Macro (usually a flower symbol).  For more info on Macro Setting click here.

  2. Resolution should be set as high as you can to increase pixels and create highly visible details.

  3. Turn on the camer flash.

  4. Take the photos using indoor daylight (don't face the window, stand sideways).

  5. Get some help:  Ask a friend to hold the camera for you.

  6. Hold open your upper and lower eyelids so that the entire iris is in the photo.

  7. The camera should be held about 4 inches from your eye.  (on Macro Setting)

  8. Take a picture on only one eye at a time, starting with the right eye (you will need to remember which eye was right and which was left).

  9. You can also try taking a photo of each of your eyes in a mirror, just be careful of the glare.  Many people prefer this method if they don't have anyone to hold the camera for them.

Check Your Picures to Be Sure They are Sharp and Clear

  1. Check your photo on the camera to make sure it is clear.  Use the zoom feature to view it.

  2. Make sure that the picture of the iris is very clear.  Keep trying until you get it sharp and clear.

  3. If there is red eye in the picture, try again.  If your camera has a red eye reduction setting, you may want to try it.

  4. Make sure that the entire iris of your eye is in the picure, and that there is no glare.



Acceptable Iris Photos look like the photos below.  They must be clear an free of glare.




Non-Acceptable Iris Photos would be those that are blurry, have lots of glaring light, and are fuzzy.

Note that a small amount of light is alright (as in the white dots in the photos above).



Email Your Iris Pictures

  1. Pictures can be cropped so that they are of the eye only, if you desire, or you can email the whole picture.

  2. Pictures should be sent of right eye in one email, and of left seye in a second email.  If you have trouble with sending the picures, then just send one at a time (3 or 4 or each eye), and be sure to include information regarding your name and which eye the picture is of.

  3. Email photos to