Lifestyle Freedom &

the Right to Choose

"Let food be thy medicine

and medicine be thy food"

hip·pie (hĭp'ē)n. A person who opposes and rejects many of the conventional standards and customs of society, especially one who advocates extreme liberalism in sociopolitical attitudes and lifestyles.

herb·al·ist (ûrb-lst)n. One who grows, collects, or specializes in the use of herbs, especially medicinal herbs.


It is estimated that over 140 million Americans take consumer-grade dietary supplements.  The question is, how good are those supplements that you are buying in the drugstore or the "Big Box" department store?  Is your vitamin made from natural or synthetic ingredients. There is a huge difference!  Most synthetic supplements can't even be digested and assimilated properly in our bodies.  To make matters even worse, when  some of the top name-brand supplements were randomly pulled from shelves and tested, you won't believe what they discovered!


They found toxic ingredients like cancer causing ingredients, chemicals that cause birth defects, herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides, to name a few.  They also found that the they were held together with cements and glues, and that the coating on them even contained plastic resins! It is not uncommon for people who work in sewer and septic systems to find whole, undigested vitamins in which the brand name is still readable on the pill. No wonder the "powers that be" are giving supplements such a bad rap!

So why my herbs and supplements?  It's simple.  If you are supplementing to have better health, then you certainly want pure, natural, non-harmful ingredients.  That's why I endorse only the best pure products.  Why do I stick with only certain brands?  Simple, they are the purest supplements out there, and they work!  

I, along with my suppliers, am dedicated to serving others by teaching them how they can achieve true health. We believe that education is the key to making informed choices about your health. 


September 2, 2019

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May 14, 2019

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May 9, 2019

Listen to formulator Kevin Thomas discuss what SlimRoast Optimum Coffee is, and how and why it works to help people lose weight so quickly!

May 9, 2019

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